How to see your AURA

Learn how to see your aura! As you’ll see, this practice is similar to meditation. You’ve heard many questions about auras, such as: ‘How can I see my aura?’ , ‘Are there any tips or tricks in seeing auras?’ , ‘What color is MY aura?’ , ‘How long does it take to see an aura?’ In this article, I’ll show you how to see your own aura!

See your AURA

Stand or sit several feet away from a mirror. Make sure you have a solid, light colored background behind you. Look at yourself in the mirror. Focus your attention at an outlining spot on your body. At first, you might see a thin white or transparent image around your body. This white or transparent image will appear as a nearly clear form of energy, but you’ll definitely see it. Remain focused. eventually that white or transparent image will expand and will become a noticeable color. 

If you can remain focused long enough on your inner aura, you’ll find that it will expand in waves showing an outer one, perhaps coming in a little closer but gradually going out further away from your body and enveloping other colors. At this point, I see a purplish color, but once if I don’t maintain focus, then, I’ll lose both the outer and inner one quickly when the aura expands.

Eventually, you can train yourself to focus out of your non-dominant eye (in my case, my left eye) which triggers a different visual brain reaction. Use this same type of unconventional viewing when trying to see your aura. Stay focused, yet don’t ‘think’ about what you’re seeing. See how far you can extend your aura. Try doing this on other people or animals or even trees and plants!

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How to see your AURA

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